VIDEO: Insane (Somewhat Stock Appearing) Procharged C6 Corvette Turning 8’s @MIR

SOURCE: BigKleib34 (Youtube)

They should name this nasty Procharged C6 Vette the Heartbreaker! There is not much there to implicate the 8 second beast that lies within!

“If this Corvette rolled up on you in the streets, you probably wouldn’t expect what was about to come next! After you watch the video of it ripping at Maryland International Raceway during the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals, you’ll see exactly what we mean. With barely any signs of an 8-second car, it might catch quite a few folks off guard!

This wild machine built by Race Proven Motorsports is powered by 408 cubic inches of LS power, topped with LS3 heads and intake and mated with an F1r ProCharger hooked up to an A&A kit.”