VIDEO: Whipple Blown LS3 Chevy Silverado vs. C5 Corvette

SOURCE: victoryredcolorado

Joe Gibbs Edition Whipple supercharged Chevy Silverado squaring off with a C5 Vette.

“This is why when your smart enough to bring a pair of slicks, you shouldn’t try and get cute by making a pass with your 26″ rims and rubber band tires! Watch as this guy, who just couldn’t resist trying it, gets loose in his beautiful ’05 Joe Gibbs Edition Chevy Pickup powered by a Whipple Supercharged LS3 engine and almost ruins his and the corvette’s day! In the second pass with the slicks on, he takes that same corvette out of the hole, only to fall short on the top end but at least he’s able to drive his truck home in one piece and hopefully learned a lesson! Byron Dragway Test N Tune 9-27-15”