VIDEO: Meet ‘EVILDNA’ F-1X ProCharged Corvette C7 ZO6

SOURCE: RonatVengeance

Meet ‘EVILDNA’ (F-1X ProCharged Corvette C7 ZO6). Watch this start to finish F-1X ProCharger conversion and testing video!

“This Procharged Z06 belongs to a local friend and fellow racer who acquired it after trading in his VR Stage V Cadillac CTS-V earlier in the year. Being no stranger to horsepower, he decided that he wanted to go “all in” on his build with the Z06, and achieve the 1,000+rwhp mark without sacrificing the driveability of the car. This was also our first automatic transmission Z06 to reach this power level, and has handled it extremely well. The lightning fast shifts accompanied with over 23psi on boost makes for a menacing ride while still retaining all of the comfort features provided by GM on this platform. We will be hitting both the 1/4 and 1/2 mile tracks very soon with this car to test the performance of the 4-digit power levels in this build!

This 9 minute video featured below is a throwback to the movie “The Ring” featuring our customer’s EVILDNA C7 Z06 going through its recent transformation from an off-the-showroom-floor stock Z06 to a 1,000+rwhp street beast utilizing Procharger’s F1X conversion system and many proprietary Vengeance Racing parts! We let Jason of Gearhead Flicks loose on the coverage and production of this very special build video to showcase a cinematic production not only highlighting the build process, but also to show off Jason’s amazing production quality!”