VIDEO: LSA Blown Holden HSV GenF Drag Racing!

SOURCE: Fullboost

LSA Blown Holden HSV GenF Drag Racing!

“Retaining a completely stock driveline the HSV GTS GenF is certainly a very well built performance car out of the factory. Brett’s car has run a tonne of quick passes at the drags thanks to a very well massaged LSA supercharged V8 engine.

GM LSA 6.2L V8 engine, stock bottom end
Factory 1.9L supercharger with spacer plate.
Mast Motorsports CNC heads, LS9 camshaft
Forced Induction Interchiller charge cooling system
1”7/8in headers, MT 305mm drag radials
Factory stock 6spd auto, converter & diff
Power: 507kW / 679hp @ wheels on PULP 98ron fuel
Tuned by Steve at Vision Automotive”