VIDEO: Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz Had Some Bad Luck At Firebird Raceway! 😳

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Jeff Lutz had one interesting weekend at Frirebird Raceway for the Street Outlaws/NPK event. Lutz had to display some crazy wheel skills trying to save his GTO after the rear wheel almost snapped off completely. Im sure he grew a couple new grey hairs after that scary ride!
“In this video we have jeff lutz who drives the twin turbo gto. The Gto is the replacement car for the yellow 57 chevy he wrecked in the fastest in america show last year. Jeff Lutz is a master mechanic and can fab up many things that seem not to fit , to fit again. Jeff built this gto well and performs well in the no prep series. Jeff Lutz entered the big tire class at the firebird raceway no prep event and faced off against the Ryan Martin’s Camaro. The two racers were grudging each other to see how fast they can go on the sketchy surface. Jeff Lutz took off the line and had a wheel break which cause the car to go in a one eighty turn. Jeff did a great job of saving the car in the most dramatic fashion to a safe stoppage. Jeff Lutz is a driving legend that came out unhurt and managed to fix the car to race the next day. These no prep racers don’t quit to put up a great show for the fans.”

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