VIDEO: Insane AWD GMC Syclone Goes No Prep Racing!

SOURCE: 1320video

Im not gonna lie, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I first saw the brothers standing in front of the truck lol. Past that, these twin brothers have put together quite the no prep setup with this AWD GMC Syclone! The setup itself may piss off some purist (LT swap) but at least they stayed true to the turbocharged 4.3L V6 until it broke. What are your thoughts on this unique build?
“We’ve seen this Syclone before and it may be the coolest one we’ve ever laid eye on! They twin brothers came down to H-Town Throwdown to race in THREE different classes! Not only that, they hurt their motor (the 4.3 v6 that are from the factory) so they threw in the new 6.6. LT motor with a turbo just for the event. Don’t get it twisted though, they miss the v6 and it’ll surely be back and we cannot wait to see this thing again with the REAL setup.”

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