VIDEO: 1000hp 5th Gen Turbo Chevy Camaro


“See a stock looking 5th Gen cruising on the freeway… you decide your you got this one in the bag easy.. You honk 3 off and mash the gas! As you begin to pass this Camaro your ears start to process a small noise… You can’t tell what it is at first, but after a second your brain makes it out and what started as a small whistle is now a load children and small animal ingesting S480 turbo swallowing all the air it can find as it passes you by and disappears in the distance just as fast as it was spotted.

Built Ls3 (stock cubes)
custom single turbo kit s480 (maxed out!)
Squash Fuel system (dsx flex fuel)

Final Numbers – 1000.6RWHP / 968.3TQ @15lbs of boost”