VIDEO: Turbo LS V8 Swapped Pontiac Fiero

SOURCE: 1320video

“A 10 Second FIERO??? We must admit that we hardly gave this little Fierro a second look when we first saw it. It appeared as if it we’re undergoing a restoration project rather than becoming a racecar. Once it loaded up at the line and took off like a rocket, we knew we had to take a closer look! Under closer inspection, we found out this bad boy was sporting a junkyard 5.3L LSx motor with a “subtle” 72mm turbo to make it more fun by today’s standards. Paired with a modified Fierro suspension, and some Nitto 555 tires, this quickly became one of our favorite cars of the evening and turned everyones heads. Can’t wait to see how this car is running next time we’re in New Mexico where the car lives!

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