VIDEO: CRAZY!!! 200mph Twin Turbo LSX Camaro Crash!

SOURCE: High Tech Corvette

Holy Shit!!! Thank God these guys were able to walk away after rolling a Twin Turbo LSX Camaro at close to 200mph. Scary moment towards the end when the passenger’s body went limp after being knocked unconciousc, luckily he was transported to a hospital for recovery.

“This is the type of video that nobody wants to see in the racing world. This sport is incredibly fun, but it also comes with a risk when traveling at high speeds. It’s important to take the proper precautions and equip your vehicle with the right safety tech in case “shit happens.” Nacho Bernal has made dozens of high speed passes in his CMS built Twin Turbo LSX Camaro, pushing over 1500hp. He’s an experienced driver who understands that no matter how good of a wheelman you are, you’re never too good to skip out on making your racecar SAFE. The Camaro had a full cage installed by Cunningham Motorsports, both driver and passenger wore Snell rated helmets and strapped in with a 5 point harness. This is why both men were able to walk away from a devastating roll that crumpled the car almost beyond recognition. All airfield racing events covered by NARA have safety tech forms each registered car must complete, there are fire and EMS crew on site, and the runways used are smooth and clean to provide the best environment possible to test the limits of these cars. For those who like to go fast, stay off the street and come out to a controlled event to do it safe and do it right! Coincidentally Nacho was able to set the Camaro half-mile world record at 195mph before the car spun around. His car may be gone but he walked away in perfect health and a 1st place trophy!”