VIDEO: Meet ‘Junkyard Bugatti’ Quad-Turbo Camaro

SOURCE: 1320video

Meet ‘Junkyard Bugatti’ Quad-Turbo Camaro – Yep…four turbos!

“Behold this beautiful disaster of a Camaro – a quad turbo’ed, LSx swapped, drag racing Camaro machine! Holy CRAP this thing sounds amazing – ALL the turbo noises! Packing a 6.0L V8 with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR turbos…this 3rd Gen Camaro gets a lot of looks when screaming down the drag strip at Street Car Takeover Houston 2016! We caught up with the owner of this amazing contraption and were informed that these turbos were pulled off either a Ford Ecoboost Engine or a VW or Fiat, which also uses the same turbos! This is the type of car that we love!”