VIDEO: Meet ‘DEATHTRAP Willy’s’ Twin Turbo LS Jeep!

SOURCE: 1320video

Meet ‘DEATHTRAP Willy’s’ Twin Turbo LS Jeep!

“It’s no LSx Willy’s and that’s no problem for us, we love the uniqueness and how this badass Jeep commands our attention to it! Not much has changed on this consistent 10 second twin turbo LS jeep except some simple maintenance, stickier tires, and a lot more seat time. Running in the 10.0 index class at Wildhorse Motorsports Park, hosted by Street Car Takeover, this badass machine ran consistently all the way into the finals! As the owner states, this contraption was inspired by the Jeep featured in Roadkill…and it sure does remind us of that monstrosity! ”