VIDEO: 1800+hp Camaro Takes A Lickin…Keeps On Tickin!!!

SOURCE: 1320video

1800+hp Camaro Takes A Lickin…Keeps On Tickin!!!

“This light blue / carbon fiber split bumper Camaro got our attention from the get go at Lights out 8! The Camaro is powered by a Procharged 427 cubic inch small block and is putting down an impressive 1,800 horsepower at around 30 pounds of BOOST! During the second round of testing the hood flew off and it didn’t look to good. Competing in both the Leaf Spring class and Outlaw Drag Radial Classes, the guys had a full schedule and had no time to go on a hunt for a new hood, luckily the guys at Procharger stepped in and showed us all the love for the sport and true sportsmanship by letting the Camaro continue the rest of the week of racing with the hood from Procharger’s own SHOW CAR they had at their trailer! This is what its all about, racers helping racers and keeping the racing community moving forward! Watch the Camaro
take on twin turbo Mustangs, nitrous Camaros and MORE!”