VIDEO: How Do You Make A V12 LS1 Engine?

SOURCE: Fullboost

How Do You Make A V12 LS1 Engine? | Now thats a first!
“In June 2016 we showed you the wild engine creation from the team at Using two factory OEM aluminium LS1 engine blocks, the guys effectively created a 519ci V12 version of an LS1 engine, and proved this prototype concept on the dyno where it easily made over 700hp. Later that year at The SEMA Show this very same engine was on display in Quality Custom Ride’s 67 Camaro where it proved to be extremely popular. Since then this car has undergone further tuning where it cranked out a cool 624hp on a hub dyno along with a strong flat torque curve. This engine still retains stock LS1 pistons and rods along with unported 241 cylinder heads. Not resting on their laurels, the V12LS team set about creating a 1-piece block resulting in superior strength and durability. This required a complete ground up design incorporating 3D core printing and pattern making. Available in both aluminium and cast iron, this block pictured is a 4.125in LSX bore size, giving a displacement of 9.5L or 580 cubic inches. The future looks promising with LS7 style heads just around the corner, the next goal is to push past the naturally aspirated 1000hp mark on pump fuel using a forged rotating assembly from JE Pistons. One question we know a few will be asking is will we see a boosted version going forward? The short answer is… YES! These engines are available in both a turn key deal or a builder package. For more information check out