VIDEO: @StreetOutlaws Azn (MMX Jeep SRT8) vs. “Ladybug” 1200hp AWD Turbo Silverado

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Man that was a close one! Watch as Street Outlaws star Azn takes on one BAD-AZZ turbo Chevy Silverado SS…Meet Ladybug! Who do you have your money on???

“Azn entered the street class in his awd jeep. The only issue he had was he was having a bit of issue getting his jeep running 100%. But, there is no quit in azn as he pulled up beside the most infamous truck in south texas known as the lady bug. The ladybug is a 1200hp awd truck. The truck is known to only street and grudge race. The race took place in edinburg texas at the topend side of the track that is very slick. The results were surprising given the fact azn’s jeep was having issues and came down to hp and driving amazing effort from these competitors!!”

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