VIDEO: Twin Turbo Chevy Cobalt Literally Blows The Wheels Off!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Meet “Salty” the little twin turbo Chevy Cobalt that could! Watch as Salty makes its entrance to the small tire no prep scene by literally blowing the rubber off the back!

“Salty the turbo cobalt is one car that you don’t expect to have the setup it does. Its a 417 mike lough engine with turbo power. All we know its been a newish setup and and absolutely rips through the eighth mile. Its definitely a new player in the small tire game in no prep. It did well considering its a relatively new setup at the outlaw Armageddon small tire class which was held at thunder valley in noble, Oklahoma. Stay on the watch out for this little car as it will be making waves this year in the small tire no prep game.”

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