VIDEO: Sleeper Turbo LS Cutlass Hurts Feelings On Texas Streets! | Bingo Bomber!

SOURCE: 1320video

Behold the almighty Bingo Bomber! This turbo LS Gbody was a step above the competition on this night of street racing on the streets of Houston Texas!
“Every year the Texas Streets get CRAZIER, but there is always a handful of oddball cars that are totally unsuspecting at first. This year, this ol’ Olds (a.k.a. the Bingo Bomber) was one of those absolutely unsuspecting cars we stumbled on. Packing a simple twin-turbo 6.0L under the hood of what looks like Grandma’s Oldsmobile, the Bingo Bomber was able to hide 800-900hp right in plain sight as it pulled up alongside cars left and right on the streets of Houston, TX!”

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