VIDEO: Procharged ’63 Corvette Goes No Prep Racing! | “Hammerhead”

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

This definitely isn’t your Grandpa’s 1963 Corvette! This Procharged beast is set up to kill! Watch as Ruben works to get “Hammerhead” dialed in for some no prep racing!

“The 1963 corvette is supercharged and driven by Ruben Ibarra out of south texas. the corvette is the car that ruben has had since he was in high school and been drag racing ever since. The car used to be a big tire car but since then big tire cars in no prep just got faster with better chassis and lighter. This corvette has stock door hinges and ruben did not want to cut up the car so he converted to small tire where he is having some success but still tring to figure it out a bit.”

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