VIDEO: @StreetOutlaws Reaper SS Camaro’s Final Ride! | RIP

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Little did James Goad know this would be his final pass in the Reaper SS Camaro. Man this is just sad! No matter how you feel about Reaper personally, it always sucks for a person to see their pride and joy go up in flames helplessly.

“In this video we have James Goad in his reaper ss camaro at his all star no prep race in xtreme raceway in Edinburg, texas. What makes this really sad is due to the fact Reaper and the orange yenko were burned to the ground in a horrific trailer fire. Reaper was driving back home and sparks were shooting out of the trailer so james pulls over to check and the trailer was engulfed quickly from the flames. An extremely sad sight to see after a powerful track session eariler that day. This video shows the reapers last ride down the track and we hope its not the last time the reaper comes out again.”

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