VIDEO: DonkMaster Just Took A Big Sip Of GAP-SAUCE! ZO6 Donk vs. KDC Box Chevy


ZO6 Donk vs. KutDaCheck Box Chevy – Big money grudge match!

“NDRA Georgia brought out what is perhaps the most legendary rivalry in big wheel racing history. Kut Da Check Racing’s Box Chevy of Atlanta,GA has been one of the fastest and most well known big wheel cars for over a decade, and when Donkmaster hit the scene in the Z06 Donk, it was inevitable that the two line up to see who would be the fastest on big wheels. After years of failed attempts, Donkmaster and Kut Da Check finally delivered a climax to this ongoing saga, but I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of this stage of the rivalry!”

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