VIDEO: Street Outlaws Brent Self (Black Sheep Mafia) At Outlaw Armageddon 7!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Brent Self of “Black Sheep Mafia” brought his Procharged Camaro out for some fun at Outlaw Armageddon 7. The newly wrapped Camaro had its hands full in the small tire class but managed get it done!

“In this video we have brent self from Louisiana driving a hemi procharged setup on a camaro. The camaro is on small tires as he entered a forty plus field of small tire cars at outlaw armageddon. The camaro did extremely well on the no prep surface all weekend which resulted in numerous wins for the black sheep mafia leader. The car is no stranger to sketchy surfaces and proves once again a force to be dealt with in small tire. The car recently got a cool wrap design that outlines the black sheep mafia logo on the car. With a group of team mates at every race the camaro is backed by a solid team. Great team work and fast cars makes for a great show as the camaro was the one to beat all weekend among the rest of the shark filled pool of small tire warriors. ”

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