VIDEO: Twisted Metal Procharged Camaro Handlin Business! | VMP No Prep Event

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

The “Twisted Metal” Procharged Camaro came to VMP’s Street Outlaws/NPK event to handle serious business! After an early loss to Bruder Bros Twisted Metal had it all dialed in and ran through the field!

“In this video we have the twisted metal procharaged camaro riding high in the outlaw big tire class at the vmp no prep event this past weeekend. Twisted Metal is driven by Greg Chandler who battled a crazy competitive field which included Kallee Mills in the Golden Kong return. Chandler Motorsports had been struggling over the last few events with having the car hold together but in this event it all came together as the twisted Metal camaro was on point. The outlaw big tire class is basically a run what ya burng class so there is no rules other than brung enough horsepower. The twisted metal camaro is no stranger to being the underdog in any race and coming out on top. This event was no exception as Chandler motorsports really stepped up their ability to make fast consisent passes all day in the heat and was able to capture a much needed win. ”

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