VIDEO: Street Outlaws Birdman Getting Rowdy At VMP No Prep!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws Birdman brought the Turbo Camaro out for some fun at VMP no prep event!

“In this video we have the big single turbo camaro driven by James Finney aka the birdman. Birdman entered the big tire class at the vmp no prep event . Forty thousand dollars was up for grabs and birdman gave it his best shot to win the big money. Birdman has slowly looking to be getting better as every event passes by. At first birdman looked like he was launching harder but could not get the car to stay going straight after a hard launch. But, recently the car has been going straight and launching hard off the line. Birdman looks to be launching harder than most of the racers in no prep kings. But, birdman has been showing his hard work pay off as he is going many rounds in every event now. He has come close to going to the finals in several events now and its a matter of time before he wins one.”

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