VIDEO: Street Outlaws Doc Reaching For The Stars At Tulsa!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Doc came out a little spicy at Tulsa last week! Watch as his nitrous Firebird makes some violent 2 wheel passes!

“In this video we have Doc in the nitrous assisted firebird doing some monster wheelies. Normally we don’t see many wheelies from big tire cars but the amount of power these cars are making they tend to hit the wheelie bars harder than usual. Doc had entered the big tire class at the Tulsa Raceway no prep event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Doc usually does not do wheelies but every racer is trying new things to get the most out of their combination. Doc is no exception as he tries to find better sixty foots and the result is a raw display of power from his hot rod. At any given race doc has the power and the driving ablilty to win any race. Be on the look out as doc is not playing around anymore and looking to dominate the big tire class . ”

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