VIDEO: Street Outlaws Farmtruck Still Has Some Juice In The Tank!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws Farmtruck looks like it still has some respectable power under the hood! Watch this big boost R35 Nissan GTR call out the old rig and get dragged!

“Farmtruck has had a long history of being a street racer with this heavy truck trying its hand on the list for years. The truck being a sleeper at first quickly became known and the list of racers wanting to race farmtruck have turned to street cars to full blown race cars. In this video farmtruck grudge raced a gtr that grudge races. The gtr is no slouch with big horsepower and all wheel drive the farmtruck looked to be in a disadvantage and on paper should lose everytime. But, this aint no regular farmtruck as this truck’s best asset its ability to launch hard and get out in front quickly. We included some of the races the gtr had before the race and looked ready to take down the mighty nitrous assisted truck. But, would it have enough to beat the fast gtr? ”

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