VIDEO: Street Outlaws Ryan Martin Going Crazy In Houston! 🦾

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws star Ryan Martin came to Houston on all business! Watch as Ryan and his Procharged Camaro run through the field with minimal resistance!

“In this video we got street outlaws no prep kings champion Ryan Martin in the big tire class with his procharged Camaro. Ryan is a multiple no prep kings champion and has shown he is the one racer to beat in every race. Who can beat Ryan Martin? Any racer can at any given time when they catch Ryan slipping but it is a rare case to see Ryan struggle with power to hook ratio. Ryan is one racer who is consistent and can turn up the power at any given moment to get around racers. Ryan has his racing program dialed in and looks to be headed towards another no prep kings championship. In Baytown, Texas the no prep kings races continue and Ryan looks to extend his points lead in the championship since the previous race he was knocked out first round by Scott Taylor. ”

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