VIDEO: World’s First Procharged C8 Corvette? Setup Is SICK!!!

SOURCE: Cars Across Texas

This matte black C8 Chevy Corvette was spotted at a car meet in the Houston TX area boasting a little secret under the hood! Could this possibly be the world’s first Procharger equipped C8 Corvette? I certainly have not seen any on the street or the internets to date. The build looked super clean, I would love to see and hear this thing run. Comment below if you know of another current Procharged C8 Corvette setup. Skip to 6:44 mark for the C8.
“Today we went to the Houston Performance Driving Corvettes vs. Vipers car meet and got a nice show of some wild builds! Twin Turbo Vipers, Procharged Vettes, supercars, and more! Lots of great stuff and hopefully you guys enjoy!”

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