VIDEO: Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz Comes Up Big In New Hampshire!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws star Jeff Lutz had quite a day at the New Hampshire no prep event! Watch as he tears through the big tire class taking out anyone who lined up next to him!

“In this video we have jeff lutz who entered the big tire class at the new hampshire no prep event held in New England Dragway. Jeff Lutz is one of the fastest no prep kings racers out there but that did not deter the new comers from trying to take Lutz down. First up, was the bobfather who drives the nitrous assisted camaro in the video. New to no prep the bobfather tried it out to see if he could take down some of these no prep king racers. After a couple of solid passes the bobfather raced Lutz and made a difference when a racer races someone who is as seasoned in no prep as Jeff Lutz. Lutz also raced a red camaro that Lutz had no problems beating. Lutz also raced fellow no prep king racer Tim Brown in his blown probe. Can anyone in the video take Jeff Lutz down? ”

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