VIDEO: Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz Dominates In Tucson AZ!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Jeff Lutz did not come to the desert to play around…Watch as he wheels his way through he field to a crazy final with Justin Swanstorm!

“In this video we were in tucson, Arizona where the next no prep race was held at. This time around we got jeff lutz where drew the lucky team attack chip. This means jeff lutz went on to represent the 405 in an all out team race for fifteen thousand dollars. Jeff Lutz would represent the 405 team with his twin turbo yellow gto. Jeff Lutz had a wheel come off on the last race in idaho but in this race he came back with a vengence. Jeff Lutz was taking names and crushing the competition which was one fast field. In the finals of the team attack race was against the always threatening Justin Swanstorm. Swanstorm is one tough customer to beat and jeff lutz would make the race look easy.”

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