VIDEO: Oklahoma No Prep Call-Outs At Thunder Valley Raceway!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Nothing like some good ol grudge racing! Check out this cool no prep “Call-Out” event from Thunder Valley Raceway in Noble Oklahoma.

“In this video we have a different kind of racing format from the Big Marc productions held at thunder valley in noble, oklahoma. The format was a call out where you draw chips during a driver’s meeting. From that chip you draw you have the choice to call out someone. For example, chip one gets to call out people first. Once the racer calls out someone the other racer has to accept the call out. Once accepted the driver’s agree on a bet from the call out. Some of the bets got out of control betting decent money while other bets got some racers trolling other racers over a hot dog bet. One thing you can expect from big marc race is a good time no matter what. With a host like big marc you can agree. Check out the video , we included the driver’s meeting and rules.

“In this video we continue the coverage of the 405 call out event hosted by Big Marc and Thunder valley raceway in noble, oklahoma. The competition starts to heat up with a couple more races that were some fast cars. First up, is a foxbody mustang that launches hard. We also included Mr. Cooks small tire corvette which was a really nice stingray. You had to be there to appreciate how nice the stingray corvette looked. But, as soon as it got to the track it literally rips the eighth mile with no problems. We also included a small red convertible car that looked a like mg british car. We were not sure on the particular model but he took on Roger johns in the beautiful green pickup truck. It was a great to be had and the competition put up a great show. ”

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